My First Experience With Sewing Knits

My first experience with sewing knits was a bit of a challenge, as I knew it would be. When we dive into something that we have never done before, how can we expect it to be easy? I have become very comfortable with making mistakes. Since I am teaching myself to sew, making mistakes is really the only way to learn. I do not have an experience sewist standing next to me correcting me when I am doing something wrong. I am able to watch YouTube videos for assistance and read tutorials online, but making mistakes is truly how one learns how to sew. I also cannot speak highly enough about the Seamwork online sewing community. If you are interested in learning how to sew apparel you should check out Seamwork and I would highly recommend becoming a member. They are so supportive and you are able to chat with other apparel makers around the globe who can help answer questions along your sewing journey. And I must add that this community is extremely responsive. It's wonderful. 

Here is the pattern by Seamwork that I used: 
Meet Alice.

This time I challenged myself to make my first knit top. I have read that sewing knits with a serger makes your garment look a little more professional. I have a serger, but I rarely use it. It is a nightmare to thread if I must say. I thought I threaded it correctly, but it just wasn't stitching right, so I decided to stick to sewing my knit top with my Babylock Amelia sewing machine, which I LOVE. She's like my best friend! I read that I needed to use a ballpoint needle when sewing knits, so I made sure to use one. I usually try to finish my seams with  French seams whenever possible to avoid fraying seams and unprofessional looking seams, but you really cannot do this with knits. You must finish your seams together with an overlock stitch when using a sewing machine to sew your knits.   

My seams came out okay but a little bit bulky. Pressing them to the side seemed to help, but still a little bulky. I have a feeling that a serged seam would create a lot less bulk. I must figure out how to use that thing! (And you know I will. I am determined.)

My knit top come out okay. I had a little trouble with the neckband stretching far enough to fit around the entire neck which made for some puckering in the back of the neck. Next time, I will adjust my pattern to make the neckband slightly larger. Also, the top ended up being way too small for me. I read the finished garment measurements provided by the pattern, but I really thought that the fabric would stretch and I would be able to fit into the size small. I should have made a medium.

There's always next time.



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