My First Real Wearable Dress!

I know this dress looks super simple to make. And now that I look back on my journey through making it, I guess it was! Although, I didn't think that it was simple as I was struggling to interpret the pattern instructions. I seem to learn better by watching someone, but I notice that if I slow down and make sure to read EVERYTHING I have many ah-ha moments! I think that applying the bias trim around the neckline and armholes was the most difficult part. Truth be told, this is my first wearable dress! I cannot even tell you how great it feels to sew something that you can actually wear. Every time I wear this dress I will think back to each step of making it. It's much more than a piece of clothing. I believe that each piece of clothing that one sews has a story behind it. That is just one of the reasons why I adore this craft so much.

Pictured above is the bias trim that I was speaking of in the first paragraph. It was difficult for me to comprehend just by reading the pattern instructions. Thankfully I discovered a few great tutorials on You Tube on how to apply bias trim. (BTW, for all of you new to sewing out there, bias trim is the same thing as bias tape and bias binding.)

The videos below were super helpful tutorials by Lauren Guthrie that I watched on applying bias trim:

I also did some research on French seams since I think they look so nice and I wanted my dress to look professional. I think they came out really nice!

This dress also has patch pockets which I love. Pockets rock and patch pockets are not that difficult to make.

I used this pattern by 100 Acts of Sewing. Overall it was pretty easy to follow and they also have some nice tutorials on their website to help walk you through if you get stuck. 

What are you sewing these days?


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