Another Dress No 1 by 100 Acts of Sewing

This seems to be one of my favorite dress patterns these days. The ladies over at Love To Sew Podcast would call it a TNT pattern. (TNT = Tried & True) It is Dress No. 1 by 100 Acts of Sewing.  It is a fairly simple silhouette and easy to sew for beginners (like me). I made this a little while back in a printed cotton fabric, but I wanted to make it again in a dressier fabric. I was attracted to this rose colored linen fabric with tiny flecks of gold metallic thread running through it, which ended up being a bit challenging to work with because it shreds easily, but I managed to pull it off! I was so excited when I also found gold metallic bias tape for the neckline and the armholes! It was going to be the perfect detail. I have to say that it turned out nice, however that gold metallic bias tape was not beginner friendly either. It was very slippery to sew. I got scared when I messed up a few time and I had to use my seam ripper on it and re-sew. It shreds so easily along with the fabric. But, the good news is that I did it, and it looks great! 
See examples of gold metallic bias tape below: 

This dress is like a trapeze style. It's very full through the body making it very comfortable. When my husband saw it on me he asked if I would be wearing a belt with it? I was like, WHAT? No way! The dress is meant to be full. A belt would bunch it all up. He has just never seen me wear anything quite as non-fitted as this. I warned him that this may be a new style for me. He actually really likes it! LOL 
The fact is, that I only made it because it's such an easy style to practice perfecting. I believe that it's also something that I could easily make for someone else if I had their bust measurement. Which is why I also made one for my sister! My plan was to bring it to Florida when I went on vacation this spring to visit her. Well, then the corona virus outbreak happened and here I am still stuck in Maine. She's stuck in Florida. I don't think that's such a bad place to be stuck, although she cannot even go to the beach because they have shut them all down due to the pandemic. Bummer. 

I did end up sending my sister the dress I made for her and, guess what? It fits her perfectly! As I was in the process of sewing this simple dress, I was dreaming about how I would accessorize it. I knew I wanted a longer style necklace. But what type? Then it came to me! My friend Heather who designs jewelry over at her brand Mermaids & Madeleines would know exactly what to do! She makes gorgeous silk tassel jewelry while incorporating precious stones. All of her pieces have an incredible beach-y feel to them. Perfect for Florida or summer on the coast of Maine! Actually I have few of her semi precious stone friendship bracelets and I wear them year round. They make the best gifts! I knew my sister would LOVE a handmade necklace to go with her handmade dress. I contacted Heather, and I let her know my basic idea and left the rest up to her. She made the most perfect gold and cream silk tassel necklace using a mix of freshwater pearls and semi precious stones that I have ever seen! I think that is the perfect compliment to this simple trapeze style dress! 

Here are the links to everything I am wearing in this post:

Silk Tassel Necklace: Mermaids & Madeleines 

100 Acts of Sewing Pattern : Dress No. 1 

Rose Gold Linen Fabric: Robert Kaufman 

Wrights gold metallic double fold bias tape: JOANN Stores

Tiffany & Co. glasses: find similar HERE

Watch: Apple

Watch Band: Nike for Apple 



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